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Our History

The Colonial Beach Community Foundation was founded in 2005 by the Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce. At the time, the Chamber wanted a way to get involved in the community in areas that were outside of its charter as a nonprofit business association (501c6) and more in line with a charitable nonprofit (501c3). To accomplish that, the Chamber established the Colonial Beach Foundation and its mission to improve the quality of life in Colonial Beach through fundraising.

The Foundation grew considerably over the years and, in 2018, went through a reorganization to enhance its relevance in the community. Consequently, it changed its name from the Colonial Beach Foundation to the Colonial Beach Community Foundation -- or CBCF or, simply, the Foundation -- and established its new mission to "improve the quality of life in and around Colonial Beach." Those changes reflect our intent to be more inclusive, and conduct programs and activities throughout the Colonial Beach area, not just within the boundaries of the Town of Colonial Beach.

With our name change, we adopted a new logo, which you will find at the top and bottom of our all our web pages, to capture the physical characteristics of the Colonial Beach area, i.e., the sun, birds, and river, giving us a stronger sense of connection to our environment and Virginia's beautiful Northern Neck.

Beginning in 2019, we enhanced our marketing and communication capabilities to build our membership and generally increase our reach into the community. By doing so, we aim to build knowledge, foster a sense of cohesiveness, and, of course, increase our ability to promote philanthropy within the area. 

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