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Candidates Responses to Questions

In advance of the live candidates' forum that was Tuesday, September 20, candidates submitted brief profiles and their responses to the 5 most-asked questions received from the public. They were asked to limit their responses and profiles to 2 pages (8 1/2" x 11"), using .5 margins and 11-point Arial font. PDF versions of those responses can be found below.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name; their names are as they appear on the Virginia Department of Elections website. Select each name to open and, if you choose, download the candidate's responses and profile. You can watch the entire forum on the Town's YouTube Channel.

Kenneth E. Allison Jr.

Charles "Chuck" DiNenna

Bryon L. "Tree" Mack

Lisette M. Montalvo

Vicki Roberson

Tony Scisciani, Jr.

David L. Williams

Richard Wesley "Rick" Wood

One candidate, Anthony "Tony" DeMonti, withdrew his candidacy shortly before the forum was held.