Candidates' Forum 2022

For over 15 years the Colonial Beach Community Foundation and Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce have cosponsored candidates' forums with the goal of increasing voter understanding and engagement. We encourage voters to get involved by submitting questions you would like to hear the candidates answer, and to attend the forum either in person or virtually.

Questions must be submitted by 5 PM, September 13, to [email protected]. The top 5 questions will be given to each candidate by September 15. The candidates then will provide a written profile and their answers to those top 5 questions by September 18. The profiles and answers will be printed and distributed to the audience on the night of the forum. They also will be available to download from our Homepage on the afternoon of the 20th in advance of the forum.

All questions received by 5 PM, September 13 will be shared with all candidates on the 19th. During the forum on the 20th, questions will be randomly selected to ask the candidates. Each candidate will have an opportunity to address at least 2 randomly selected questions.

The forum will last approximately 90 minutes. Cary Geddes, President of the Chamber of Commerce, will serve as moderator.

Space is limited in Town Center, but you can listen to the forum on local community radio station WWER 88.1 FM and watch on Facebook Live.